Measuring your resilience toward changing market forces & stakeholder expectations.

Nuveen found that 51% of institutional investors expressed that the current fundamentals of long-term market dynamics have lost their relevance. They also placed social inequality and climate risk as critical beyond reputation risk, where 86% agree that transition to low carbon economies present new opportunities and 52% believe that their investment choices affect social inequality. Consumer Insights studies in recent years have also found that consumers are willing to pay more (in some cases up to four times the price) for a product or service they trust to be sustainable and/or ethical.

There are major changes happening across global market forces, consumer expectations, and grander societal contexts.
Is your organisation's strategy ready for these changes?

ORA is designed to:


the changing landscape relevant to your organisation and core competencies, as well as general trends to forecast your innovation performance in response to three key areas: global market forces, stakeholder expectations, and grander societal contexts.


blindspots across business, innovation and impact strategies while identifying missed and/or new opportunities for revenue-generating impact outcomes. This may include critical issues such as digital waste, data recycling, unintended consequences, ESG-compliance, and more.


possible pathways for short, medium, and long-term strategies that boost revenue, leverage existing data or impact outcomes and provide guiding questions and suggestions for exploring new experimentation to future-proof against the forces of our evolving economic system.

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