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Pioneering humane innovation through award-winning Impact-as-a-Service

Emerge is an award-winning experimentation lab with a single focus: to set new precedents for the way sustainable development, exponential technology, and socio-economic behaviours converge.

Our work has been recognised by MIT, the Global SDG Awards, Newsweek, Money 2020, and others. We work with companies, organisations, and institutions to create and deliver social innovation strategies, systems, and projects aligned with their core competencies, strategic and financial objectives.

We work exclusively by referral.

Our featured work

Our project portfolio includes digital identity, impact NFTs, supply chain traceability, loyalty programs, environmentally progressive energy lifecycles, and more.


Emerge and MetaBlazers partnered to create a market giving forgotten tokens and NFTs a new life.

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NFTs and interactive technology connect
to make a lasting impact
on the planet.

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Discover, share, and display
your favourite NFTs
All in one place

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Internal discussion paper on the potential applicability of blockchain technology to legal identity systems

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Lucia Gallardo
Founder & CEO
Emerge lives at the intersection of frontier technologies, business strategy, and international development. We set out to democratize access to the world’s most advanced innovation, to democratize the benefits of said innovation, and to democratize who plays a role in building it in the first place. In this way, we are one part a technology solutions provider, one part a technology justice movement. And in a world where impact and justice are needed now more than ever, working with us can help merge and focus your organization’s core business competencies with thoughtful and measurable impact strategies, resulting in forward-thinking, viable, sustainable, and impactful innovation leadership.

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