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We are currently in the American sunshine state.

Emerge works with global commercial enterprises, governments, public institutions, organizations, and communities to design, build and deploy impact-centric, decentralized digital innovation at scale. Our award-winning work fuses sustainable development, distributed technologies, and new economic incentive models to pioneer humane innovation.

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NFTs and interactive technology connect to make a lasting impact on the planet.

The Aeternals is a first-of-its-kind NFT collection that uniquely combines elevated aesthetics and engaging gamification with real-world impact. 55% of the proceeds of the sale goes directly to Rainforest Partnership for the continued protection of the planet’s most precious ecosystems. Our team of artists and animators created a library of elements inspired by the native flora of the Amazon.

Each NFT features a totally unique combination, mimicking the rainforest's biodiversity. Each asset contains the code for 3 different states of lushness, and as you engage with the object within our gaming environment, causing the state to evolve and bloom, the asset in your wallet reflects the change. The artistic and game design decisions were all chosen to foster a sense of connectedness and guardianship between the collector and the forest.

Join our Discord community as we launch contests and giveaways for our whitelist. The project launches February 2022 on Nifty Gateway.

Discover, share, and display your favourite NFTs - all in one place

Tapistrii is a free-to-use social platform with open, chain-agnostic infrastructure designed to help you discover and showcase your NFTs, while connecting you with likeminded creators and collectors. You can display your collections, create wishlists, and get customized suggestions for artists you may like, all while keeping your identity private.

Emerge lives at the intersection of frontier technologies, business strategy, and international development. We set out to democratize access to the world’s most advanced innovation, to democratize the benefits of said innovation, and to democratize who plays a role in building it in the first place. In this way, we are one part a technology solutions provider, one part a technology justice movement. And in a world where impact and justice are needed now more than ever, working with us can help merge and focus your organization’s core business competencies with thoughtful and measurable impact strategies, resulting in forward-thinking, viable, sustainable, and impactful innovation leadership.

Lucia Gallardo
Founder & CEO